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Academic Coach
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JohnBen Reel
Jul 22, 2017

As an adult learner I have struggled quite a bit with college and life in tandem. However, I found Academic Coach at the right time in my student career! The instruction and guidance I received was of the highest caliber. These folks really care about your success. I will always turn to them for help and recommend them to anyone in need. Also, test proctoring is available!

Chris Sallurday
Jul 17, 2017

I would defiently recommend Academic Coach to anyone trying to improve their score on the SAT/ACT. Academic Coach provides you with the crucial one on one time you need in order to significantly improve your score. Mrs. Joan and Mrs. Lin both work with you one on one by usually giving you a practice test of the ACT/SAT to complete. Once the practice test is complete, they score it and ask you to redo every singe one you got wrong (I do mean every single one trust me). If you get stuck along the way, you only have to ask, and they will explain why your answer choice is wrong and tell/show you what you need to do to find the right answer. Whether it be because of a particular rule in English or a certain formula in math, they always take the time to ensure you understand the concept and how to get to the right answer. If you are worried that you will be raising your hand and will not receive help for a long period of time, don't be. When I was going over my wrong answers they were always right next to me waiting to help. Also if they notice you are particularly struggling in a certain area of math or English, they will give you worksheets of the area you are struggling with to improve your understanding and expand your knowledge on the subject. For example, if the are missing a lot of unit circle questions in math they will have you complete unit circle worksheets as hw. During the next session, they will go over the worksheet with you and may even give you another worksheet to take home or another worksheet during the session as a quiz to really put your knowledge to the test to ensure you know the material in a testing environment. If you would like to know my personal results, I received tutoring before academic coach with lack luster results. My tutor only pushed me towards the ACT, and I didn't get higher than a 24 while spending a lot of my time yelling I'm done. With academic coach, however, I got the proper tutoring I needed, (precious one on one help) found out that I did better on the new SAT, and scored a 1330 (28 when converted over to the ACT) after a few months of tutoring, 10/10 would recommend Academic Coach to anyone trying to improve their SAT/ACT score.

Jayson Aviles
Jul 16, 2017

Colleen D
Jul 13, 2017

helped me get a 27 on my ACT and a 1240 on my SAT

Matthew Dowgos
Jul 09, 2017

You guys did great! Everything was to the point and what's better is that every faculty member was positive no matter what!

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