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Academic Coach
225 Halton Rd D
GreenvilleSC 29607
 (864) 520-0052

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Jeanine Dowgos
Aug 06, 2018

Academic Coach was able to get my sons grades up, in key areas of the ASVAB test, to get into the military Coast Guard branch. Matthew made the score he needed August 2017. Matthew has now served in Honolulu, Hawaii. He’s in the Mechanical Technician class now and thanks to the confidence he attained from Academic Coach, he will be graduating from that course in 5 weeks and returning back to Hawaii!! Thanks for all your help. He worked hard and I also pushed him because we as people have a tendency to want the path of least resistance but anything worth having is worth fighting for. He is living his dream and I am one proud mom!! Thanks Academic Coach!!

Catherine Cooker
Aug 04, 2018

Our children were struggling academically after moving back to the United States from overseas, where they had not been in English-language schools. The instruction provided by the folks at Academic Coach was exceptional. Within a few months the kids were back on a more secure footing, and they are now quite successful in school. I would recommend this to anybody.

Jun 18, 2018

I signed my daughter up for SAT prep with Academic Coach and we had a really great experience! She felt very comfortable with the tutoring and the staff. They do a great job! We had a very hectic schedule, so it was nice that they were flexible with scheduling and work with us. If she needs more tutoring for any reason I will definitely take her back to Academic Coach.

Christy Kirk
Apr 07, 2018

Laurel used Academic Coach to help boost her SAT/ACT scores before applying to colleges. She was able to increase her SAT score by 100 points after 1 month of tutoring. We were extremely pleased and now she is on her way to be a part of the Clemson nursing program!

Sam Phillips
Nov 22, 2017

Academic Coach has helped me stay on track in Chemistry and Algebra.

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